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"BECAUSE This is...
The Natural Guy's
Answer To Steroids..."

Are you sick and tired of WASTING your hard earned money on goop and pills that don't work? If you are...

Read on to discover why users of this underground supplement FALL IN LOVE with this expensive... BUT ultra-effective formula.

Re: New Ground-breaking formula for natural growth and supra-health is revealed...

From: Matt Gallant - Kinesiologist
Co-Author Freaky Big Naturally


Dear Serious Trainee,

Trying to find a supplement that works is a risky game at best. The industry is jam-packed with scam artists, who will tell you anything to sell you their goop. But, I'm here to help... And if you give me 10 minutes, I honestly feel I'll change your life.

I'll go right to the point, ENZYMES are the most critical "growth nutrient" there is... Because without enzymes, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE to break down protein. So...

Enzymes are even
MORE important then protein itself
In the "chain of growth"...

In fact... here's some key points you should know about protein absorption...

The FACT is that most of the protein bodybuilders consume ends up in one of two places. One is your toilet bowl, and the second place is in a nice layer of sludge somewhere in your digestive tract. Neither of these scenarios results in BIGGER MUSCLE GAINS.

The really bad news is this massive protein consumption can actually prevent you from gaining any muscle at all. Fortunately, we've has found the KEY to unlock the protein code to get you Freaky Big Naturally.

One of the biggest insider secrets to getting outrageously massive muscles is extreme amino acid absorption. In fact, THIS IS HOW STEROIDS WORK... They increase your body's absoption of amino acids by increasing protein synthesis in the muscle. But of course, steroid users eventually crash and burn.

So is there another way to increase our amino acid synthesis without using destructive steroids?

The answer is a resounding YES!

How? By using specialized bodybuilding enzymes.

So, what are enzymes? Without getting too complicated, enzymes are the workers in your bodies. They are your body's LIFE FORCE. Every function in you body requires enzymes.

Enzymes digest your food, breakdown protein into amino acids, stimulate your brain, provide cellular energy, and repair all the cells, tissues and organs of your body. Enzymes are the sparks that make everything happen, and without them you cannot possibly maximize muscular growth. In fact...

Enzymes are the STEROIDS OF THE FUTURE...
And, you can access that "future" RIGHT NOW...

I could write a 200 page book on all the functions that enzymes perform, but let’s just focus on protein digestion for the purpose of this report.

Bodybuilders who do not intake enzymes cannot possibly digest all the protein they eat, not to mention the other nutrients. This is how the nasty "intestinal sludge" gets formed in your gut.

The bottom line is your BODY can’t produce enough enzymes to reach your genetic potential without supplementation. As a matter of fact, a high protein intake without enzymes eventually leads to serious health problems as seen with many top bodybuilders.

Until now, there was no way to significantly improve or overcome the LIMITED enzyme producing capacity of your body. No matter how great the training program or how well the bodybuilder is eating he just can’t get any bigger and this is because his muscles are STARVING for PROTEIN, even though he may be consuming massive amounts of protein.

Do You Care About Your Health?

As you get older, you are depleting your body's enzyme supply. Pollution, alcohol, drugs, eating dead food, and stress all burn your body's enzymes reserve.

When enzyme reserves go down past a certain point, the aging process accelerates because your body now has to grab amino acids from your body's tissues such as your skin and organs. This is one of the biggest factors to your body's deterioration as you get older. Being on an aggressive enzyme regime is the key to fighting aging and muscle atrophy.

You might be thinking... "Can't I just eat enzyme rich food?" And the answer is yes and no. Yes, eating enzyme rich food will help you maximize your results, BUT... eating enzyme rich food is NOT EASY.

Almost all the food at your local supermarket is irradiated and sprayed with nasty chemicals and preservatives that kill enzyme production.

It's even worse for ALL COOKED FOODS. All food heated over 115 degrees LOSES all of it's enzymes.

But, even if you DID eat enzyme rich food all day long... You still can't compete with someone who is pounding loads of extra potent enzymes. Because...

This catapults the body into the

"Super Anabolic Zone".

The SOLUTION is simple. Consume the PRECISE types and amounts of specialized enzymes so you breakdown protein and feed your muscles the amino acids they need to get FREAKY BIG NATURALLY.

In a recent seminar Dr. Michael O’Brien, a leading expert on enzymes, states:

“Without enzymes there is no life. Without enzymes you cannot predigest and deliver protein. Without protein you cannot utilize minerals. Without minerals you cannot use vitamins”.

So now that you understand the value and importance of enzymes, this leads to the next question...

What are the best enzymes to take
As a natural bodybuilder?

If you think that you going to the local health store and buying their enzymes is the answer... YOU ARE DEAD WRONG! In fact... go ahead and do that. We dare you to compare our enzymes with ANY enzyme you can buy at the local health store. Because we did... AND WE WE'RE VERY DISSAPOINTED!

When Wade Lightheart & I, created our training/eating system we knew enzymes were THE KEY to becoming FREAKY BIG NATURALLY. So, we went on a quest...

First, we bought EVERY COMMERCIAL ENZYME AVAILABLE we could find. Most didn't even pass the first level "enzyme test". We brewed up a specific ultra-dense concoction and put the enzymes in it. If they are potent, in 30 minutes to 1 hour (sometimes less), it should turn into liquid. But, with 95% of them... NOTHING HAPPENED. This wasn't surprising.

Then, we moved on to test 2 "the gas test". If you're eating foods and taking enzymes and you have excess gas, you've got a crap product (no pun intended).

The third test we did, were kinesiological test to see if our body's would go "strong" or "weak" with the enzymes.

And that's not all... the FINAL and most important test is:

"Am I growing and getting leaner... faster?"

NONE passed this test...

Then, we caught a break... we finally found 1 enzyme formulation that worked. It was about 5 times more expensive then anything else ($150 a bottle), but it worked. When we took enough of it, we got leaner and bigger - FASTER. This formulation was designed by Enzyme expert: Dr. Michael O'Brien. We paid him big bucks to learn high level nutritional secrets from him because we knew he was the real deal...

He revealed to us where he discovered his enzymes secrets from: Dr. Edward Howell. The man who wrote THE BOOK ON ENZYMES: "Enzyme Nutrition" (I recommend that you read this book to really understand the POWER of enzymes).

So... during this "quest" we were bombarded with request for enzyme recommendations (you probably were one of them). We almost recommended Dr O'Brien's formula, but... we knew we could do BETTER. One of my "issues" is, I'm a perfectionist and I can't recommend anything else, but THE BEST.

Although O'Brien's formula gave some good results, it wasn't designed for bodybuilders. It was designed for "the general population" who had health issues.

So, guess what we did?


We contacted Dr. Edward Howell's company and created the THE FIRST EVER BODYBUILDING ENZYME: MassZymes

First, we signed some heavy legal contracts to prevent ANYONE from stealing this formula (because we know the scumbag supplement companies are going to try everything in their power to steal this formulas once they hear how well it works). Matt & I, worked hand-in-hand with the formulators to create THE ULTIMATE BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENT.

We know as bodybuilders that AMINO ACIDS are what produce muscle growth. So... we knew we needed a lot of protease. Protease is the enzyme that breaks down PROTEIN. So, we told them to jam as much protease as possible inside each capsule. The genius scientist we worked with, suggested we combine 3 different kinds of the highest quality protease available.

They warned us, it would be VERY EXPENSIVE to produce. They asked us over and over again, "Are you sure you want this much of this key ingredient in it? We can cut it back to reduce the cost." Each time, we said: NO!

We didn't care about the cost.

Our goal was simply to create the greatest natural bodybuilding supplement ever, regardless of the cost.

We did this for 2 reasons:

1. You need these enzymes... You're doing my training... following my nutritional advice... and I want you to squeeze every ounce possible of results humanly possible out of every workout. And I know this can only happen with some mega-potent enzymes.

2. I WANT THEM! Between you & I, I always knew there was a breakthrough, somewhere, that could allow me to grow as much I wanted... THIS IS IT.

So... the formulators sent us some 100 sample capsules a few months ago and we didn't know what to expect. Let me tell you... WE WERE SHOCKED and DELIGHTED! First, I've have never felt that kind of energy since I was a young kid. I bounced around the house... I danced... I sang... It was "almost" drug like! But, with ZERO bad effects. No energy crashes... No weird feelings... Just PURE, CLEAN energy.

Then, I watched myself grow... My arms blew up 3/4 of an inch in 4 weeks (My arms had been stuck for years). And my whole body kicked into the most serious growth spurts in over a decade.

So... 4 months ago, we pooled up all the money we had (we could of bought a nice car with it) And... MassZymes WERE BORN! And they sold out in 6 days flat!

So, we reinvested every cent of profit into producing MORE MassZymes.

I want to let you in on some secrets the
supplement companies don't want you to know...

The rule of thumb in the supplement industry is: sell a product for 10 to 30 times the costs. Read that again please...

The reason is, they need to have MONSTER MARGINS because they spend fortunes on advertising. If they actually put money into the product AND the advertising, they would go broke. One full page ad in a magazine can cost well over $10,000... If you've noticed the "fat cats" usually have 10 or 20 pages of "advertorials". You can add up the costs...

And that's why you'll never see our new Masszyme formulation in any magazine. We can't afford to. We would have to sell each bottle for almost $500 each. In fact, the formulators gave us a "suggested retail price" of $297 PER BOTTLE.

If I was a greedy businessman doing this for the money, I might consider that price. But... I'M here to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. And what matters to me, WAAAAAY more than money is: HAPPINESS. And nothing makes me happier then to read about your results. So, I want to make this as affordable as possible without losing my shirt.

Here's the big question... What's the costs?

The regular price is $147 per bottle. But... if you buy it now. You can get for as little as 83$ a bottle (if you join the "Extreme Club") plus shipping. I'll be honest, I'm barely making any money with you at this price.

When It Comes To Supplements
You Get What You Pay For!

The ONLY WAY we can continue to make this product available to you in the future is to sell it as a "subscription". This product is simply too expensive to produce to just "stock it". We simply produce what we need. No more... no less.

THE MAJORITY of the initial users
INCREASE their dosage.

Why? Because, this stuff really works! And the more you take, the better it works. Your body has to "load up" on enzymes since it's so deficient.

Here's what MassZymes users are saying about them...

Satisfied MassZyme User #1:
Richard Larson A.k.a. Noreway, Illionois, U.S.A.

"I made the mistake of taking to many yesterday,energy lasted all night.I have to stop taking them at around 2:00 in the afternoon.To bad we didn't have these during my college years,would have been great for those all nighters.All we had was nodoz and beer,.HA HA! Clean living now,but it was fun.

These little capsules are amazing.this is the best time of our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Satisfied MassZyme User #2:
Allen Vugrincic

"I have been using the product for 4 months now and think it is the best natural supplement I have
ever found, and that is saying a lot since I have been in this game now for almost 20 years and wasted TONS of money on useless product. Thanks for
making it and offering it to us."


Satisfied MassZyme User #3:
Jon D, South Georgia, USA

"I have noticed a greater pump and my muscles growing more since upping my dose to 50 masszymes a day. Last weekend I spent that time in the cold wind in Atlanta, and had a scratchy voice the next day, but after that, no bad symptoms or problems. I've been taking 50 masszymes a day now for a week. My workouts are great and I get a super pump. "

And more thing... We may sell out at anytime... This is NOT some "fake marketing hype". Here's why... The first time we offered these, we were sold out in 6 days. The last time we sold out in 2 days...

Over 39,000 SERIOUS, HARDCORE bodybuilders are going to hear about this and we've been receiving tons of letters asking when they can get their hands on it...

Also, we can't afford to hold on to this stuff. We only produce SMALL BATCHES at at time cause it's so darn expensive to make. We honestly do this because we love it. No other reason.

And of course... you can cancel your subscription at any time. And if for some weird reason, you aren't totally blown away by MassZymes, I'll personally buy back all of your extra bottles because I know I'll certainly use them.

So, If You Want To Get On the "MassZyme Train", You MUST Act Now...

So... if you come back later today or tomorrow and this "web page" is gone... You'll understand why.


The Most Expensive Supplements
Are The Ones That Don't Work!

Why? Because you're wasting EVERY PENNY... It's time for you to experience what a high quality formula can do for you, your growth, your health... and your well-being!

Click Here Now To Secure Your Supply Of

The Most Potent Natural Bodybuilding Supplement

On the Market: MassZymes



Matt Gallant
- Kinesiologist
Co-Author Freaky Big Naturally

P.S. Those that get their MassZymes within the next 24 hours, will also get my specific protocol on how and when to take them for MAXIMUM GROWTH.


Satisfied MassZyme User #4:
David Sciento, New York, USA

"So far, I have gained almost 3lbs of muscle and less than 1/4lb of fat. The MassZymes seem to make recovery quicker too (less soreness on the day after a workout even though I am working out harder). Not bad for a 45-year old man. "

Satisfied MassZyme User #5:
Mark Grauer, Taiwan, China

"Well, this week was SCARY! I RAN OUT OF MASSZYMES! (It was my fault) My energy levels dropped quite a bit, I was constantly hungry, I ended up eating more than usual..

HOWEVER, this time I am ordering 12 bottles REALLY! I want to have a stock of these awesome babies! I will never run out again!

Also, my wife is beautiful and she just turned 30. She takes very good care of her skin and exercises a little, but she doesn't eat like she should, and sure enough not enough raw vegies. Well, I am also putting her on masszymes! Not on the amount I take of course, but 2 or so each meal.

It seems expensive, that's true, but if you go to the health food store and check out the supposed "quality" enzymes, you will find that the bottles are small, something like less than 200 per bottle....about 1 months worth... for $66 and up. And if I tried to take that few, as they recommend, the masszymes would last 2 1/2 times as long, which puts masszymes WAY AHEAD of the competition.

Actually, I ordered my first enzymes before masszymes came out and they were the "cheap" ones. They were bottles of 250 for about $45. To get even 1/2 the power of masszymes I would have to double my doses,
which means that bottle for bottle masszymes were only 10% more expensive, but to even match half the usefulness or power I was paying almost DOUBLE! And that was for the CHEAP enzymes.

We really have a great deal ya all. Especially with the buy 5 get one free deal!

So, I am not only expecting to do great in my coming up competitions, but for both my wife and I to live long, healthy, disease free, energetic lives.
And you know what....I was not paid to write this,
Actually, in a sense, I paid to write this."

Satisfied MassZyme User #6: Evan

"In just 8 months I put on 29.5 pounds!!!"

"WOW-MASSZYMES! For years the bodybuilding world told us about proteins and creatines. Nutrition experts and biochemists came up with thousands of products that were "guaranteed to work."

Well I can say that there is clearly nothing as powerful and more effective than MASSZYMES. This product did wonders on my physique.

As a junior bodybuilder my biggest concern was o increase my overall mass. Proteins and creatines seemed to work; yet, the results would wear off when I wasn't using them.

After purchasing the Freky Big Naturally System and reading its entirety, I came across a statement, in the package, that mentioned enzymes and their positive effect on the human body and muscle mass.

After reading this I needed to know more, and in the months ahead I learned, through email, about a revolutionary product that would shock the market - yep you guessed it - MASSZYMES!!!

The very first day I took them I noticed a rapid cleansing of my bowels and just felt much better. Well, as each day passed I felt more energized in the gym and more motivated to complete my workouts. Cycling masszymes with proper hemp protein gave me unbelieveable weight gains.

In just 8 months I put on 29.5 pounds!!! When I took two weeks off and returned to the gym, all of the weight remained! This product is for and helped me move onto another level very rapidly. Aside from everything, masszymes happen to be very heathly for your body, so give them a chance.


Satisfied MassZyme User #7:
Natasha Volynsky, Vancouver, Canada

"MassZymes are great for getting lean. on a cycle diet and 40 MassZymes a day, I lose about a pound of fat a week.

Your girlfriend will see drop in weight, from fat loss and most important from cleansing her digestive system out. Besides Masszymes help get the skin tonned. She will also start choosing healthier foods by herself which will help her get off all the diet pop and other unhealthy eating habits.

Even my mom is on enzymes and just with a healthy eatings and no training she lost about 20 kg in 6 month and was able to keep at that weight. "

Satisfied MassZyme User #8:
Markus K, Japan

"By the way, I love your Masszyme. I feel so great!
Can I buy from you again when it's gone? Can't live without it now :)


Satisfied MassZyme User #9:
Luc, 3X Belgian Bodybuilding Champion

"I am a gymowner here in belgium and train people for competition with great resuls.Your FBN is so great, I follow it to the letter for 2 month now and take the Masszymes 60per day!

We have things in common I train also for 25 years and won several compitition's natural (3 times Mr. belgium).I try a lot of training systems but FBN is the max.

So I want to thank you for that.

P.P.S. Click here to read some popular questions and answers about enzymes and specifically MassZymes .

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