Ask yourself...

"Do You Make These Mistakes
When You Workout?

From: Matt Gallant, Kinesiologist, Bsc. Science of Physical Activity

Dear Fitness Enthusiast,

When you squat…

Do you stick out your bum first when you start coming down?
Do you go down to parallel then come back up?
Do you lock out your knees at the top?

Those are just 3 of the many mistakes I see every day in the gym when people squat. But they're small potatoes compared to what I see on a daily basis...


Have you ever paid attention to what's really going on in the gym? Well, after studying tens of thousands of people working out over the last 13 years... I can honestly tell you that 95% of trainees absolutely BUTCHER almost every exercise they do and that's why they don't get the results they want. The other 5% are either personal trainers or work with trainers. But, why is that?

I stumbled onto the answer while I was examining people at the gym screwing up exercise after exercise. Then it hit me...

Cheating mechanisms.

You Can Increase Your Results by 50%
By Simply Eliminating Your Cheating Mechanisms

How is this possible? Easy, cheating mechanisms literally rob your target muscles from the stress they need to get results.

Let me explain... Your body is an incredibly smart machine. In fact, in the gym it is a lot smarter than you and I. For an example, let us say you're doing bicep curls. Once you get a bit tired your body wants to make it easier for you. How does it do that?

It begins using cheating mechanisms, such as... Elbows start to flare out to the sides... The wrist curl up... The knees bend and the legs start helping... The body leans forward uses the back muscles... The elbows up tilt up and activate the shoulders...

The funny thing is almost no one realizes it. After I figured out what was going on, I started examining my own form in the mirror and I was shocked... I was screwing up half the exercises I did. And this was AFTER I got my degree and I had already been working out for 7 years.

That's why I decided to team up with one of world's best personal trainers and natural bodybuilding champion, Wade McNutt. Together, we've created what we think is the single most important source of exercise know-how for anyone. It's called "Elite Exercise Performance".

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Here finally, is your opportunity to learn the world class exercise secrets that only a handful of lucky people even knew existed a short time ago, including...

      • How to guarantee your muscles grow as fast as possible every time you hit the weights.
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And that is just a tiny taste of what's in store for you. Advanced copies that leaked out have already sent shockwaves in the fitness community. News of this new course is spreading like wildfire on the internet.

This killer package includes a detailed 59-page e-book (with over 160 pictures), 79 professionally filmed video clips and over 2 hours of MP3 audio so you can download into your IPod or MP3 player and bring to the gym.

I cannot stress how much these secrets can affect your body. As far as I know, there is nothing like this anywhere. Sure, there are plenty of books out there... sure there are some videos... but this is the first time you get instant videos, instant audio explanations that you can bring to the gym and an e-book that you can read immediately with explanations and pictures.

By incorporating 3 completely different ways to learn... watching, listening and reading... It guarantees you will learn how to perform each exercise perfectly and reap maximum rewards out of each workout.

So, it's up to you. You can sit back, relax and watch the videos. You can burn a CD of the audio explanations or download them to your MP3 player and bring them to the gym or you can just simply scan the manual.

Becoming a hard body has never been so easy

With these secrets you can now achieve all your fitness and bodybuilding goals in half the time.

You will see what I am talking about even after you just scan a couple of the videos or listen to a few of the audios... It will change how you train forever. Here in more specific details is a few of the things you will learn inside this course.

    • The number one secret to make your stubborn upper chest fill up like the pros.

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    • How to focus the stress into the perfect part of the muscle.

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    • How to hit those stubborn lower abs. Most people train their whole lives without ever working that muscle.

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    • You will learn a wild new variation of the close-grip bench press. You will be amazed when you look in the mirror and finally see your triceps hang on the side and look huge.

The most effective exercise ever...
It is even more powerful than squats or dead lifts

Yes, this ultra powerful move is totally ignored by 99.9 % of everyone in the gym yet this exercise will help you look great naked from head to toe.

You can see why this new course is causing such a sensation among men and women of all ages, everywhere.

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