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" My background as a professional fighter, trainer to military and Police special units has given me an incredible chance to see those that think they are good and who others who are good. I am not easily impressed so when I tell you to take the opportunity to train with Matt Gallant you better believe that I mean it."

Christophe Clugston (Former American Kickboxing Champion, #1 Rated Shootboxer in the world 1991-1992, World renown Self-defense instructor, Navy Seals and SWAT team trainer)

“ Wade’s coaching program helped me achieve something I never thought possible. In 12 short weeks, Wade was able to change my body completely. I went from 28% body fat to 18% body fat. I was a size 12 when I began and after the diet I was a size 5-6. Plus, I lost over 20 inches off my body. The changes were unbelievable!
Now I have the body I always dreamed of! But, more importantly is the way I feel about myself. I’m happier, healthier and more productive. I live life to the fullest everyday and I now know I can do anything I put my mind to- all thanks to Wade and his coaching. “

Barb Linkletter, Personal Trainer, Vancouver, Canada

“ Wade changed what, when and how I ate. He gave me a new and focused weight-training plan. After 3 months I had lost 10 pounds of fat. I was leaner and stronger. 1 was getting compliments on my physique from everyone and l fit into clothes l never would have been able to wear before. 1 was down to 11% body fat.
As a physician I thought I knew how to achieve peak fitness. Wade has taken me to a higher level than I ever thought possible.”

Dr. Matthew Klas, Physician, Vancouver, Canada

“ In only 6 weeks, I lost 11 lbs of fat and I doubled my strength. Matt is amazing! He showed me stuff I had never seen before and I've worked with a lot of professional trainers.'' -
Alexei Tezikov, Professional NHL hockey player, Former Vancouver Canuck

“ I'll let the numbers do the talking. In 12 weeks I lost 40 pounds of fat and gained 15 pounds of muscle. My LDL (bad cholesterol) went from 5.23 to 2.98 and I am back into 32-inch waist pants for the first time since high school. It has been a year now since I started training and I have been able to maintain the fitness level I have always wanted. Thank you Wade."

Mike Clegg, Vancouver, Canada

"The information is far beyond anything else out there. It’s also great how you simply tell it how it is. Like you, I’m tired of living in a world where everyone is happy to lie to you and then lie again to say they’re not lying."
Dean Moodie, Victoria, Australia
" I've been training for 10 years, and I realized that I wasted all this time with no results. I changed more In 3 months than In 10 years on my own! My legs have way more definition!"
Jolin Chang, Production manager, Richmond
" Man... I just followed a third of your advice and I managed to put on 21 pounds of solid muscle in 6 months! The sweetest part is the extra attention I get from women!"
Claude Johnson, Programmer, Pennsylvania, USA

“ Thank you for your guidance and support with my training. I am very excited about the changes that we have made to my physique so far. It’s been awesome! I couldn’t have done it without you. I tell everyone that I have the best coach…because I do! Thanks a million"

Felicia O’Neil, fitness competitor, Vancouver, Canada

" I feel 1000 times better since I've dropped 23 pounds and burned 5 and a half inches right off my waist!"
Art Gallant, Real Estate Agent, New Brunswick, Canada
" Wade, just thought I’d let you know that after just one week of training on the primer prgram I’ve gained 3 lbs and lost 1.5% bodyfat. And I’ve also noticed more definion in my legs and shoulders. WOOW!"
Chris Nims, Hingham, Massachusetts, USA
“ After 12 weeks my body changed dramatically. I was lean at 12% BF and I had much more energy than ever before. Consequently, the running injury I lived with for 6 years has disappeared and my 10km and half- marathon times have improved. I ran my best time at the Delta Half Marathon in 2002, I am leaner and feel healthier than ever plus I am completely injury free. I have so much energy while I am on stage and feel like I can perform for hours."
Andrea Klas, Professional Musican, Vancouver, Canada
" The last 3 weeks have produced better results than 6 months of regular training. The muscle growth and even the fat loss is absolutely amazing. This is by far the most effective training I’ve ever done."
Thierry Gudel, Professional Musician, Switzerland
" I really can't believe how fast I'm changing. 7.5 lbs of FAT gone in the first 7 days!"
Rae Armour, Real Estate agent/Singer & Songwriter, Vancouver, BC
“ Before I met Matt, I worked with other trainers and also on my own for years. In the first 6 weeks alone I got better results than 6 months on my own. I lost 4 INCHES OFF MY WAIST! I eventually LOST 47 lbs of fat and built 13 lbs of muscle lbs!”
From World Renown Image Consultant Marc Benoi Leger, Moncton, New Brunswick

" Because of your program, everyone at work has been gossiping that I’m using steroids. They keep telling me that it’s not possible to build arms like that without them in my forties... I just laugh!"

Ray Brunette, Vancouver, Canada


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