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-- From: Tim Orsulack (Successfully Recovered Hard-core Addict)

Dear Soon-To-Be-Ex-Addict,

I don't normally share my personal horror stories, however I feel you might benefit from it. So here we go...

When I was 14, I slugged down 20 ounces of hard whiskey in 45 minutes. Then, I went to a outdoor party and I lost it... I started grabbing the private parts of my school mates and their boyfriends were right there. The fact I wasn't killed was a miracle.

When I was only 15 years old... It was the 3rd day of partying and I was polishing off my 2nd QUART of Southern Comfort right out of the bottle. I wasn't even using soda or ice. I was guzzling it direct. I cheated on my girlfriend IN FRONT OF HER FRIENDS.

Then, I moved on to harder drugs...

One night, I swallowed 7 and a half tabs of heavy LSD. Let me tell you, I saw a few crazy things that night...

A few years later, I became chronic with marijuana. I smoked up to an ounce of ultra-potent B.C. buds (the strongest in the world) every month. I was stoned from day to night....

Then in my late 20's, I moved on to ecstasy, GHB. I would party NON-STOP for 3 days. I was BEYOND out-of-control.

Being an addict can be HELL... I know because I've spent most of my life there. We become slaves to the substances and eventually we lose control. But, I'm here to help... and if you give me 10 minutes, I honestly feel I will change life...

Because that's how long it will take you to learn the breakthrough addiction recovery method: Crush Your Addiction: 7 Days To An Exciting, Addiction-Free Life. This quick, easy solution to addiction was developed by addiction expert Gary Ross. I begged him to let me write this letter to you because it has changed my life 1000%. I know that when you see how simple, yet how powerful it is, you'll be absolutely blown away!

Here's just a small sample of what you'll discover...

  • Discover an unknown yet super-powerful method that instantly transforms how you see yourself. This opens the floodgate to iron grip control (You won't believe how easy it is to kiss your addictions goodbye).
  • Your jaw will hit the floor once you read the shocking truth about Detox Centers (More importantly you'll easily sidestep the failure trap that destroys your recovery).
  • You'll be stunned after you play "The Power Game". Not only is it fun beyond belief but it frees you from the chains of addiction.
  • You'll learn why the word addiction forms a prison with no key and how you can use a two-word concept that creates a 360-degree shift in how you think about your life.
  • You'll finally see how a harmless weekend habit can destroy your life unless you use this simple little trick.
  • Why 97% of addicts create walls of shame and guilt that trap them forever. But you'll obliterate any obstacles with the Ross Bombs.
  • Discover the 4 phases of addiction. You'll spot where you are at and how to start achieving super success day after day.
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Mysterious Pennsylvania "Mind Decoder"

Is Willing To Humiliate

Addiction Experts Case After Case...

The man I'm talking about is Gary Ross. Yes, he's mysterious because he stays under the radar. He's not interested in building a thriving practice, or to open a recovery center, or to be on Oprah. His goal is to help YOU break the habit. If he gets just 1 letter from you saying "Gary, you've changed my life for the better." That's his reward. That's his DRUG.

I sincerely believe that until recently there's was no real way to stop your dependancy. That's right IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT you're addicted! I know that might contradict what all the "experts" say, but I don't care. I've been where you are. I've been addicted to almost every possible addiction known to man... I've got an EXTREMELY addictive personality. From alcohol to drugs to sex and much more...

I thought my life was doomed... After years of drug abuse, I came home one day and my wife was gone... Before that, I lost valuable jobs, clients, tons of money, precious friends, and opportunities... All because of my damn habits. I didn't see a way out.

Traditional addiction solutions weren't an option. I honestly believe that most "recovery centers" and "programs" are a failure. These programs flush your hard-earned money right down the drain. It's a known fact, that their success rate is a measly 5%, and that's an absolute disgrace. That's why...

I Sincerely Want You To Avoid The Nasty "Crash And Burn" That I Lived Through...

The pain of my addictions grew worse and worse. The fun disappeared. I knew I had to quit. Name it, I tried it... 12 steps... books... seminars... centers... Man, I wasted so much time and money it's crazy!

Finally, I met Gary Ross and his group of underground researchers. When I told him my story he said, "Tim, your search for the ultimate solution is over..."

7 Days Later

My Life Changed FOREVER!!!

I know you're suffering deep inside and I want to help you, so that you can DESTROY your addiction! It's the best feeling in the world... It truly is...

Here's what Gary Ross has to say about this breakthrough recovery method,

"Together, with the help of a few other key people, we created the breakthrough of the century! I'm not exaggerating either! It's huge!"

"First, let me explain how I decode minds... I'm an elite member of an underground group of researchers who have performed thousands and thousands of experiments for the last 11 years to decode how the mind REALLY WORKS. And WE DID IT!

Yes, we've discovered exactly how the addicts mind works. We've decoded the DNA of addiction... Not 1 psychologist in 10,000 has any clue about this. I'm dead serious. More importantly... "

"You Can Discover

The Fun-Filled Solution

In 1 Short Week!"

"After seeing the amazing results achieved by hardcore addicts like Tim Orsulack I decided to release this breakthrough method to the general public. I've poured my heart and soul into revealing step by step the secret techniques that allows me to leave 99.99% of traditional addiction experts in the dust. In fact, I'm issuing a challenge to all the 'recovery gurus' right now."

"I'm challenging anyone who thinks they have a better recovery program to a 1 year challenge. We'll both take 5 people who are all addicted to the same habit and we'll see in 1 year who's got the better method. I'm willing to put $10,000 on the line of my own money that I'll humiliate them all. (Not every guru is a hoax, there's a few good resources out there and you'll learn what they are in my book.)"

You'll be among the first to profit from these incredible breakthroughs after you learn Gary Ross's method: Crush Your Addiction: 7 Days To An Exciting, Addiction-Free Life. Here's some more amazing secrets you'll discover...

  • How to use the amazing Ross Power Questions to create mind-blowing mental breakthroughs; all you need to do is answer them. Then the magic unfolds...
  • Why the saying "addiction is a disease" is a complete myth that robs you of your greatest hidden strength.
  • How you can explode from zero to hero in seven days or less (You might finally get that dream job you always wanted).
  • How to easily let go of the past and create an exciting future filled with riches...
  • You'll be in disbelief when you discover how your parents unconsciously planted seeds of self defeat in your mind. You'll rip out these negative weeds with the Ross control tools.
  • How a simple twist frees your mind from the pain of cravings and propels you into fast-track success.
  • You'll be blown away by a new revelation that can instantly change your life. As a side effect, you'll find the opposite sex jumping your bones.
  • The dreams you once had will come alive, and you'll explode out of bed every day with passion and fire.
  • Yes, you can experience extreme pleasure and fulfillment using these simple strategies.
  • How to quickly fix any relationship you may have damaged due to your addiction. Achieve more intimacy, love and connection than ever before.
  • You'll profit like MAD with this no-brainer technique. Don't be surprised if your bank account swells like crazy.
  • How to live every day with absolute freedom. You'll never ever feel boxed in or trapped again.
  • How to painlessly win against any craving, obstacle or withdrawal (You'll be amazed when you see how easy it is).
  • How to live life on your own terms, no one will ever tell you how to act or think again.
  • How to use a videogame-like technology to create anything your heart desires and more.
  • How to tap into the power of a secret Oscar-winning picture to fuel your soul with unstoppable fire.
  • You'll be stunned when you discover a Hollywood secret that alters the state of your mind instantly.
  • How to effortlessly pump your mind with warrior spirit. Once you do this, you can accomplish anything you want.
  • How to crush the three obstacles that are hardwired into every addict's mind.
  • How to cage the beast in your mind that constantly drives you for your next fix.
  • Discover how to reprogram the "robot" part of your mind for maximum success, pleasure and happiness.
  • How to explode with electric pleasure any second you desire (You'll possess the secrets to endless natural highs).
  • You'll discover the secrets to replacing your addiction and its short-term pleasure with even stronger long-term pleasure and bliss.
  • Exposes why the failure rate of traditional 12 step programs is 95%.
  • You'll discover an unknown method that floods your body with the most euphoric high of your life (Not even the strongest drug cocktail holds a candle to it).
  • How to use powerful strategies to escape the rat race and regain total control over every area of your life.
  • A simple tactic to reconnect the splintered parts of your mind (97% of addicts who fail recovery miss this crucial step).
  • How to transform the pain of withdrawal or cravings into an intense natural high.
  • How to once and for all break the habit that's robbing you of your happiness, success and freedom.
  • How to pump yourself with the most powerful natural high known to man. You'll become virtually immune to any obstacle, craving or withdrawal that arises,(You'll become a superman or superwoman).
  • You'll discover how to ignite the fire inside of you using Lance Armstrong's most powerful secret.
  • How to make the attraction to your dependencies virtually disappear from your mind forever.
  • Why your hidden "train of fools" will actually force you back off the wagon. You'll know exactly how to command it once and for all.
  • How to rewire your mind's natural tendency to restart your habit.
  • The most important (and life changing) decision you must make about your life,and how to make it intelligently and powerfully so you never have to second guess yourself later.
  • You'll fly out of the whirlpool of dependency with the new HALT technology. You'll be blown away. You'll feel like it was written specifically for you.

How To Experience

The Greatest Natural "High"

In The World...

Day After Day...

It Can Dwarf

The Feeling Of Any Drug...

We'll show you how to feel great day after day... How to wake up in the morning full of joy and hope... And never feeling like you have to escape using drugs or alcohol...

  • Vivid stories that expose the raw truth behind every dependency. You'll gain huge insight when you see the similarities with your own personal situation.
  • The 2 types of pain experiences... One of them drives you deeper into a black hole,the other catapults you into success!
  • The amazing "power of context" trick that increases the strength of your mind,plus lowers your cravings,allowing you to supercharge your life with lightning speed.
  • The four addiction pitfalls that suck you into nasty dependancy.
  • The "peak excitation" secret known and used by rock stars for achieving out-of-this-world natural highs (simple yet unknown by 99.9 percent of men).
  • The thrilling ten-minute vision builder plan developed by success experts to re-ignite the passion for your life,no matter how tired you've been, no matter how long you've been in a rut.
  • Why willpower is never enough to overcome your dependency.
  • Immediately increase the power and control over your life with the secret power ritual process (It's so much fun you'll probably show it to your friends and family).

Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Life?

This breakthrough method answers all of your physiological, emotional and spiritual needs. But the big breakthroughs happen when you learn how to dissolve all of the under-lying issues that are the contributing factors to your challenging habit . I had a ton of invisible baggage that kept me chained to addiction...

Let my in-the-trenches experience help you. This is NOT a "pie in the sky" approach written by people with PHDs who have never faced the the challenges you are facing right now. This method was developed by working with people who were where you are RIGHT NOW.

Here's you can expect after you learn Ross's Recovery method...

  • You can enjoy a wonderful life with the romantic partner of your dreams....
  • You can have an exciting job that pays well...
  • You can possess great supportive friends...
  • You can be closer with your family than ever been before...

When you see how the method works, you'll be shocked when you see that it's not based on the belief that you have an incurable disease. Most programs use positive thinking approaches that fail within weeks. Positive thinking is just like painting a rusty car without getting rid of the paint. Within weeks, the rust spots are going to come out again.

What About 12 Step Programs

And Treatment Centers?

Before you spend weeks or months of your life and spend thousands of dollars on intensive recovery program ... give this method a free trial! With this system you have access to a proven, easy solution that you can do in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Plus, it will cost you less than a nice meal for 2!

How Can You Get

7 Days to an Addiction-Free,

Fun-Filled Life?

Don't bother going to your local book store. The only place you can get it is right here. Nowhere else. Gary is not interested in book deals. He's not interested in having a best seller. What he wants is to get this method in your hands as fast as humanly possible. That's why he's choosing the Internet to distribute this information.

In fact, I want you to start discovering this method RIGHT NOW. That's right no waiting for books to arrive...

Being an addict for decades, I know how your mind works. You are exploring the possibility of changing your life for the better right now. If you don't take action immediately, the chances are you'll never face this demon. That's just how it is...

I also know that if you don't get this powerful life-changing technology in your hands in the next few minutes... you'll probably never achieve the sobriety you want. I know that sounds harsh, but it's the simple truth. Deep inside you know that's true. So, that's why I told Garyto offer instant access to the system so you can get it IMMEDIATELY! Even it's 4 AM!

Profound Happiness is Only Minutes Away!

Don't Miss The Chance To Change Your Life...

This is YOUR moment!

How much will it cost? $997? $497? Even at those prices, it would be an incredible deal. In fact, it would be one of the cheapest options. But, Gary is not doing this for the money. He doesn't need the money. He's already financially successful and has a great job.

He just wants to charge enough to cover the cost and to fund new research. That's why it will only cost you $97 if you order within the next 24 hours. Compare that to recovery centers, which cost $2000 or more! All you get is an army of "specialists" in some sterile, isolated medical facility asking you meaningless good-sounding questions.

Since you are probably wondering if this is "for real", Don't make a decision now. Just check it out, try it out, give it a shot. If it's not everything I say, at worst you'll get your money back. Just send me a note within days and Garywill refund your money and YOU CAN STILL KEEP THE SYSTEM! ...

Has Gary Lost His Mind To Offer a

This is easily the boldest guarantee in the history of recovery programs! That's right! You're fully protected by Gary's, Iron-Clad 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

All you need to do is send a note and you'll get a quick refund. No hassles, no questions asked, and we'll still be friends.

Here's the answers to a few frequently asked questions you might have...

Is all I get for my $97 an ebook?

What you get 11 years of hardcore research and development. What you get is a powerful shortcut that was developed after thousands and thousands of hours was spent testing every possible solution. The ebook contains 123 pages and it's 496 kilobytes. You are being given the tools and technology to reclaim your happiness once and for all...

Why do you charge for this information?

If I don't... NO ONE would know it existed. I actually spend as much as $3000 A MONTH to get the word out about our website. Frankly, I am NOT a rich guy - so if I didn't charge any money - we would be BANKRUPT in a matter of weeks. And then NO ONE could get this information.

If your program is so effective, why haven't I heard about it before?

It is Gary's vision that in the future everyone will. But, he's just in the beginning phase of making his discoveries available to the general public. Before now, it was only known and used by a small group of elite researchers and a few hand-picked addicts. Once you experience the amazing natural highs, you will never feel the need for another fix again.


Is your method dangerous? Why do you keep mentioning natural highs?

No the method is 100% safe. It does not require you to take any pills, supplements or any other external substance.

The natural high comes from your body's endorphins. They are 100X more powerful than heroin and can make you feel out of this world... There's no side-effects or hangovers. Often people with addictions fear losing that euphoria. That's why this method is SO powerful...

Will you keep my information private?

Absolutely! Gary Ross swears on his mother's grave that he will never, ever share your personal information with anyone. More importantly, on your credit card you will see PAYPAL or Total Life Control. So, no one except you and Gary will ever know you tested this system... Your privacy is one of the most precious things in the world!

Acceptance Mark

Plus, if you act now, you'll get the following
7 bonuses, valued over $131
  Amazing FREE Bonus #1 (valued at $29): Special Interview About Addiction With one of the World Leaders in Mental Technology.

In this 49 minute interview, some mindblowing breakthroughs are revealed... This could be exactly what you've been looking for...


Amazing FREE Bonus #2 (valued at $19): report called: "The 90 Day Plan". This is a simple, step-by-step plan can help you stay motivated and inspired to overcome yours cravings. It's yours to keep, no matter what!


Amazing FREE Bonus #3 (valued at $39): The audio seminar with Gary Ross and myself is perhaps the most valuable audio seminar you'll ever listen to... This is LIFE CHANGING on every level...

You'll learn about what's the most POWERFUL approach ever discovered to Crushing Your Addiction...


Amazing FREE Bonus #4 (valued at $15): The powerful inner mind diagram. This reveals on paper the inner conflict and struggle that's going on in your mind... CLEARLY! So, you can move forward and overcome it.


Amazing FREE Bonus #5 (valued at $12): "The Top 10 Foods List". These foods will give you incredible energy and focus... and will also help to reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol. .


Amazing FREE Bonus #6 (valued at $17): With the "Top 25 Things To Do" list, you can go out and have fun without drugs and alcohol any day of the week!


Bonus #7: Special Unadvertised Bonus (priceless): This is a special surprise...

We reserve the right to take down these bonuses at anytime... So please act now, if you want experience their power... Click here now to place your order...

Don't just take my word for it, here's what an actual user of the method had to say...

Hey Gary,

You've changed my life. I've been seriously addicted to a whole bunch of drugs for over a decade, and I tried to quit HUNDREDS OF TIMES... But it never lasted.

I've been sober and happy for the last 5 months... and I'm never looking back. My life is so exciting now and it's because of your life-changing system.

Your friend always,
Kenneth Sanders, Pennsylvania, USA

It's a winning decision and with the amazing guarantee you've got nothing to lose! Just click here. It's that easy! You'll get INSTANT ACCESS TO THIS BREAKTHROUGH METHOD! In less than 5 minutes from now, you'll receive my method in an adobe acrobat pdf file.

Trust me, no matter what you see in the mirror right now, in less than seven days you will see a winner staring back at you. That winner will thank you for the rest of your life for buying this incredible program. In seven days... you can be the person you've always wanted to be.

Don't delay! The truth is, when you are free from addictions, you are free to enjoy life to it's fullest!

Yours truly,

Tim Orsulack

P.S. If you order TODAY...You'll get FREE UPGRADES FOR LIFE! THAT'S WORTH $197! So, don't hate yourself for missing out!

P.P.S. Don't forget you aren't committing to anything, he's giving you 90 days to try it out!

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